Yaqin Tang - Homepage Yaqin Tang - Homepage | Yaqin Tang is a full-time software engineer. She graduated from winlab/ECE, Rutgers university, where she focused on mobile computing, wireless networks and visible light communication.

Yaqin Tang  

Hi, there! Welcome and enjoy your day!

I'm a full-time software engineer now. Before graduation, I'm interested in mobile computing, pervasive computing, wireless networks and visible light communication. But you guess it, I will be an active blogger here! Sharing my tech progress, life vision and a lot more interesting stuffs.

Latest Updates

Weighted Quick Union with Path Compression

To solve the dynamic connectivity problem, we need to use an efficient way to find if two nodes are connected, if not, connect them.

Implement Trie

A trie or prefix tree is a kind of search tree, that is used to store a dynamic set or associative array where the keys are usually strings. It can be used in word searching, word suggestion and more.


In backtracking algorithms you try to build a solution one step at a time. If at some step it become clear that the current path that you are on cannot lead to a solution you go back to the previous step (backtrack) and choose a different path.